About me

I had my first contact with programming some 20 years ago. Dad bought me an Atari 800XL. Initially, the computer was only used for game purposes, but later I started to wonder how these games work? How the game works the way it works? I had several copies of Bajtek (polish newspaper about programing) and a “huge” Arati manual with a description of how to write basic programs in the Basic programming language. You can find more about Basic here: ATARI Basic.

Back then, I didn’t get to grips with anything but simple if functions, but thanks to that I was able to create my first simple quest game. It is a pity that it was lost with the Atari.

Later I was able to code for a short time in Delphi. Unfortunately, the times were such that you could only connect to the Internet via a modem and it cost fabulous money, so my fun with programming at that time was over. I also didn’t have the opportunity to study at an IT technical college, because the closest one was far from my hometown. These were the offline times 😉

Then my professional path led me towards chemistry. There, as you can guess, programming wasn’t my core learning path, although I understood Matlab enough to calmly carry out the calculations necessary to pass the classes. In the meantime, I was coding websites. I built the first page on the skeleton from the table. Back then, it was terrible to produce websites. Lack of technology force you to think a lot to make the website look nice on most computers. Now it’s easier thanks to CSS.

Today, at the age of 35, I decided to return to the IT world. Why? The so-called “trigger” was the VBA for Microsoft Excel course. I finished the course and jumped into a whirlwind of joyful programming. The hours fled like crazy and I felt incredible joy. I also realized that my desire to finish a computer science technical school is still alive in me. So I signed up for an IT technical weekly college. In class, I feel like a fish in the water. Well, maybe apart from health and safety, because how much can you hear about being reasonable at work? Entrepreneurship is also not the most interesting subject, but it may be because I had the opportunity to run a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company.

Where will this lead me? I don’t know, but I’d like to invite you on this journey by sharing my insights on this blog.

Additionally, if you want to see what projects I have completed recently and what skills I already have, please visit my Online CV.

All the best to you.

Krzysztof NyrekAbout me